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George Pitagorsky's Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center
George Pitagorsky
2017-06-23 Managing Expectations: A Mindful Approach 61:58
This is a discussion and book signing event with George Pitagorsky. George’s new book, Managing Expectations: A Mindful Approach to Achieving Success, provides a compassionate, practical process for setting and satisfying expectations. If you are going to have expectations or be in relationships with others who have them, it is best to work with them skillfully. The evening will include a brief meditation, a talk by George on expectations and the best way to manage them.
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2013-01-27 Conscious Living/Conscious Working - Introductory Retreat 46:13
This comprehensive program is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. While the program provides a foundation in Buddhist thought, the focus is experiential. Practice in everyday life brings the Buddha’s teachings to our choices, the workplace, and our relationships. Group discussion, personal interviews, journaling, and other practical techniques will help participants to explore the practicality of the teachings and the integration of meditation practice and conscious living into daily life. Note: This audio only includes George Pitagorsky and not Michael Danar for technical reasons.
NYIMC 2013-01-27 NYI/Conscious Living/Conscious Working
2012-05-29 Tuesday Evening Dharma Talk, May 29, 2012 66:10
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2012-04-10 Tuesday Evening Dharma Talk, March 10, 2012 66:40
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2012-01-17 Tuesday Evening Dharma Talk, January 17, 2012 66:31
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2012-01-14 Conscious Living/Conscious Working, Full Day Session 5:06:57
Conscious living is treating every moment of every day as a meditation; it is cultivating wisdom through mindfulness. Mindfulness gives rise to awareness, and awareness allows our innate wisdom to flower. Wisdom brings forth compassion. This retreat is an intensive exploration of meditation in daily life. Participants learn and practice several specific meditation techniques intertwined with the key Buddhist teachings that give both a practical and philosophical foundation for the techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experience, ask questions, and address issues regarding the integration of meditation and Buddhist thought into daily work, family, and social life. Michael Daner has followed the Dow and the Tao--as far away as India and as close as his own backyard-for over thirty years. He is a student of Theravadan Buddhism, Dzogchen and Advaita. Michael's teachers include Jean Klein and Namkai Norbu. He co-developed the Living Wisely/Working Wisely Workshop. George Pitagorsky blends Buddhism, systems thinking and non-dual philosophy. He has practiced yoga and Insight Meditation since the early 1970’s. He is a senior teacher at NYIMC and, as a multi-disciplinary business consultant and coach, focused on applying open-minded mindfulness to achieve optimal performance. George is author of The Zen Approach to Project Management, editor of the Breakthrough Newsletter, and is currently working on a book on Conflict Management. George seeks to help people to integrate meditation and Buddhist thinking into their daily lives. He has served on the NYIMC Board of Directors.
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2011-09-18 Conscious Aging, Afternoon Session 2:27:26
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2011-09-18 Conscious Aging, Morning Session 2:55:34
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