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Ajahn Thanasanti's Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center
Ajahn Thanasanti
Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni was born in California and first encountered the Dhamma in 1979. Since that time she has been committed to awakening. On a trip to Asia she met highly accomplished meditation masters Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Buddhadasa and Dipa Ma. In 1989, she went to England where she joined the nun’s community in the Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition. After 20 years she left her monastic community to return to the USA where she founded Awakening Truth whose mission is eventually developing a Bhikkhuni training monastery integrating ancient teachings of the Forest Tradition into the modern world. Currently she is based at the Shakti Vihara hermitage near the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, where she uses wilderness as a daily part of her practice.
2015-04-21 Touching the Earth 1:11:07
A Buddhist Response to Climate Change Using essential Buddhist teachings we can examine the suffering that is being caused by climate change. We feel for the beauty and life-enriching presence of animals, forests, oceans and our many different human relationships and, as we focus on gratitude, we gain a capacity for understanding our grief, sorrow and shock at the prospect of their demise. Understanding the causes of climate change and the interdependence of living systems, we can move into engaged action. When we see the importance of generating skillful effort to deal with climate change we can focus on specific and constructive actions and be the change we want to see in the world.
NYI Regular Talks
2014-04-19 Touching The Earth: Renewal, Letting Go & Compassion (part 2) 1:16:42
NYIMC 2014-04-19 One Day Retreat
2014-04-19 Touching The Earth: Renewal, Letting Go & Compassion (part 1) 1:52:18
We are in the midst of a global climate crisis that is pushing us to wake up. More than ever we need to have attention grounded in our bodies, take time to relax, renew, let go and open our hearts. Body Awareness/All Pervasive Awareness The Buddha taught awareness of body and breath as a path of enlightenment. Our body is our direct link to the Earth. Bringing attention to the body allows for relaxation, stillness, renewal and letting go. To discover the body is to discover awareness, and eventually, the awakened state. All pervasive Awareness is a direct approach to embodied non-dual consciousness pervading our body and the environment as a whole. This retreat will combine body awareness and All Pervasive Awareness practices to uncover an authentic experience of ourselves as individuals and our connection with all of life at the same time.
NYIMC 2014-04-19 One Day Retreat
2013-07-19 Meditation Is Optional; Relationship Is Not 1:11:55
Meditation, talk and discussion on the centrality of relationship in our lives and the imperative that we relate to the eightfold path with this as the central hub from which all 8 spokes emanate.
Meditation Is Optional; Relationship Is Not

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