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Jose Reissig's Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center
Jose Reissig
After decades of practice and teaching, what inspires me are those moments when I can see the habitual as if it were for the first time. If such moments occur while I'm giving a talk, then the teacher in me can hear its own words imbued with the freshness imparted by those who truly listen -- the multiple aspects of myself being part of the audience as well. Thanks for your participation in the process.
2008-06-07 Impermanence And Stillness 43:12
In the midst of impermanence we find stillness not by avoidance or denial, but by going into the eye of the storm while clinging to nothing.
New York Insight Meditation Center One Day Retreat with Jose Reissig
2008-06-06 The Three Characteristics Of Existence 41:40
These characteristics -- impermanence, non-self, and the ensuing dissatisfaction -- provide us with the opportunity to learn the art of losing. By learning it, we come to the end of suffering.
New York Insight Meditation Center One Day Retreat with Jose Reissig
2007-09-08 Practicing For Life And Death 44:57
By seeing ourselves as separate, we turn death into an abomination. Practice allows us to turn this around.
New York Insight Meditation Center
2005-06-01 Unlearning Dualism 37:59
Dualism can be described as a polarity project. We polarize our options as desirable or undesirable, and lose interest in that which does not fall into either extreme. This duality provides a footing for clinging and for the birth of the I. Seeing through this charade helps us unlearn it.
New York Insight Meditation Center
2005-05-01 Unlearning Clinging 34:39
Unlearning clinging is a corollary of unlearning permanence. This is so because clinging is futile as long as what we cling to is impermanent.
New York Insight Meditation Center

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