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Dr. Richard Brown's Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center
Dr. Richard Brown
2012-06-22 Enhance Your Meditation with Breath~Body~Mind 1:44:43
The Breath-Body-Mind workshop will combine movement and breathing meditations which make meditation practice deeper and less effortful. The core technique taught in this workshop will be Coherent Breathing, a modern form of anapanasati practiced by advanced Thai Buddhist monks. This practice was described in a Chinese text 3000 years ago and was studied in advanced Zen monks. It was also independently rediscovered by two modern research groups. The effects of Coherent Breathing are magnified by combining it with advanced breathing techniques from yoga, Qigong, and Russian Orthodox monks to bring the system into optimal balance and a higher energy state. Ancient yoga and Qigong texts advised the sequence of movement, breathing, and meditation. Qigong movements first open energy channels to remove blocks to energy flow and to strengthen the body. Movement is followed by Coherence Breathing in combination with other practices. The third component of this workshop will be Open Focus meditation. Developed by Les Fehmi, PhD, one of the fathers of biofeedback and a Zen teacher, Open Focus induces EEG patterns similar to those found in advanced, long-term meditators. Successive rounds of movement, breathing, and meditation can lead to deeper, richer meditative states as well as the relief of physical and psychic pain. This course will be similar to, but different from the course given in June 2011. It will be adjusted to the needs and background of the participants. References: 1. Breath!! You Are Alive: Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing. Thich Nhat Hanh. Prallax Press, 1988. 2. Coherent Breathing. The Definitive Method. Stephen Elliot. 3. Let Every Breath: Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters.
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