The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Peter Doobinin's Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center
Peter Doobinin
Peter Doobinin is the guiding teacher of the Downtown Meditation Community. He founded DMC in 2002. Prior to that, Peter was a co-founder of New York Insight Meditation Center. He was a member of the NYI Board of Directors and Teachers Council. Peter has been teaching insight meditation since 1998. Over the years, he’s taught at many places including the New York City Public Schools. He’s taught meditation at NYU, Columbia, Pratt Institute, Hunter College and City College of New York. Peter is a graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Community Dharma Leaders program. He has studied and practiced extensively at Metta Forest Monastery where Thanissaro Bhikkhu is the abbott. He has also done extended practice at Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock and Gaia House. Peter’s dharma book, The Skill of Living, was published in the spring of 2013. His writing has appeared in Tricyle; the anthology Commit to Sit; The New York Times; and other publications. Before becoming a meditation teacher, Peter worked in publishing for Simon & Schuster for more than twenty years. He also writes fiction and published a novel, Suburban Boy, in 2005. He lives in New York City.
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