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18 Day 5 Guided Meditation Intention – a Softer Effort
2018-10-14 18 Day 5 Guided Meditation Intention – a Softer Effort 46:47
Ajahn Sucitto
Using intention in practice means there is a wish, a prayer, an aspiration – subtle movements of energy rather than the push of effort. If we use intention too forcefully we block receptivity. It’s up to us to determine what’s skillful at this time. Perhaps it’s the intention to relax, set aside, widen, soften. Wisdom is our guide, and effort is just to use wisdom to arrive at deeper wisdom. [8:15 Begin Standing Meditation Instructions] Translating Anatomical Descriptions into Felt Sense: We all use anatomical descriptions of the body as a sketch, but the encouragement in this meditation is to translate them into energetic or felt experiences. Beginning with physical experience, guidance is provided to sense into subtler energies and felt tones and meanings.
Entering the Dhamma Fields: A Five Day Residential Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto

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