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Retreat Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center

Hungry Ghosts & Angry Demons: Addressing the Roots of Addictive Behaviors - with Josh Korda & Kathy Cherry

In this daylong event we’ll discuss the mental processes and early relational wounds underlying maladaptive, compulsive tendencies that are difficult to alleviate. The talks will integrate insights from early Buddhist traditions with contemporary therapeutic modalities, neuropsychology and attachment theory. Various guided visualizations, breathwork sessions and insight meditation practices will be introduced and practiced, as well as times set aside for questions, light movement and community interaction.

2019-07-21 (1 day) New York Insight Meditation Center

2019-07-21 AM-01-underlining-roots-of-compulsive-behavior-&-addiction 54:04
Josh Korda
2019-07-21 AM-02-guided-meditation 34:36
Josh Korda
2019-07-21 AM-03-QA 25:08
Josh Korda
2019-07-21 PM-01-breathwork-introduction+practice 57:48
Kathy Cherry
2019-07-21 PM-02-core-shame 27:47
Josh Korda
2019-07-21 PM-03-guided-meditation 23:54
Josh Korda
2019-07-21 PM-04-wraping-up-themes-for-breakout-sessions+closing 14:55
Josh Korda
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