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Retreat Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center

Equanimity: Dancing with the Unpredictability of Life with Dr. Stephen Fulder

The last words of the Buddha to his disciples gathered to say goodbye included: ‘Be an island to yourself’. This sense of autonomy, quiet and steadiness are certainly needed in times of uncertainty, anxiety, conflict, and difficulty. But how can we stay quiet and yet speak our voice and go out and make change in the world?

Isn’t an island also an image of separateness when we actually want to practice mindfulness in order to restore intimacy with life? But in that case, how do we avoid getting upset, and overwhelmed by circumstances, such as conflict, injustice, and suffering? How do we develop protection which is not an external armor and a thick skin? The answer is in the powerful and sublime teachings of equanimity. This is a core teaching: equanimity is one of the Brahman Viharas, the immeasurable powers of the heart, and the last and highest of the Factors of Awakening. It is our capacity to be light and free and dance with change. How can we practice it?

In this daylong program, we will explore what is equanimity, how to recognize and appreciate it, and how it can be developed. We will explore this theme through meditation and contemplation, a dharma talk and discussions, and verbal and silent exercises, using examples from our daily life such as conflict.

2019-05-25 (1 day) New York Insight Meditation Center

2019-05-25 AM-02-chanting Taking Refuge+guided meditation 45:40
Stephen Fulder
2019-05-25 AM-03-dharma talk-equanimity 1:10:55
Stephen Fulder
2019-05-25 AM-04-Guided-Lying-Meditation 28:21
Stephen Fulder
2019-05-25 AM-01-general Introduction 26:27
Stephen Fulder
Dr. Fulder introduces the day's topic - equanimity, Israel's Tovana movement & his book.
2019-05-25 PM-02-QA+instructions-to-dyad-sharing-personal-equanimity 46:37
Stephen Fulder
2019-05-25 PM-03-equanimity-phrases-contempplation 15:13
Stephen Fulder
"May I accept things as they are" "May I be undisturbed by the coming and going of events"
2019-05-25 PM-04-wrapping-up-dedication-of-meritt 13:11
Stephen Fulder
2019-05-25 pm01-guided sitting meditaiton 34:07
Stephen Fulder
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