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Retreat Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center

Brightening the Mind - a daylong retreat with Peter Doobinin

When the mind is bright, meditation flourishes and we meet life joyfully.

We brighten the mind by cultivating the heart quality of appreciative joy. In this daylong retreat, we’ll learn to develop appreciative joy in meditation and in daily life. In doing so, we’ll learn the basics of a skill that we’ll be able to implement in our practice after the retreat ends.

The retreat included sitting and walking meditation, instruction, practice activities, and discussion.

Please note: the recording quality of this event suffered persistent problems yet due to urging of participants to gain access to these recordings and editing tools which helped ameliorate the listening experience, they are now available to you, albeit not without issues.

2019-03-31 (1 day) New York Insight Meditation Center

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2019-03-31 pm08-concluding talk 27:17
Peter Doobinin
2019-03-31 pm01-afternoon introduction 14:09
Peter Doobinin
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