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Retreat Dharma Talks at New York Insight Meditation Center

Sowing Good Seed

Buddha said the future is not predestined. We can make a difference in how the future of our planet unfolds. We are creating seeds for the future, today. So, he promoted a way of seeing the world as interconnected -- conditional. The bodhisattva is not merely one who hears the cries of the world, but who also responds with skillfulness. The practice of such a one, today, necessarily fosters deeper spiritual joy and clarity coupled with commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice. This non-residential retreat will equip attendees through meditation, inspiration and solid Dharma study on the seven enlightenment factors to identify and commit to specific beneficial actions and practices as part of their life’s work and joy in the well being of self and others.

2013-03-01 (126 days) New York Insight Meditation Center

2013-06-30 A Baptist-Buddhist Reflects on the Virtues of Love and Social Engagement 3:16:58
Janet Willis
In this daylong, based upon her experiences of being raised in the Jim Crow South and marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as being later trained and guided in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Jan Willis will discuss and invite an exploration of the shared Buddhist and Christian virtues of love and social engagement.
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